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You can show your position in society in different ways. Expensive and high-quality tableware is one such option. She will talk about the wealth and capabilities of her owner by just one look.

At the same time, the person does not need to say anything, because the guests will understand everything just by looking at the dishes.


Bohemia glass is high quality and beautiful glassware. It features a flawless, almost invisible seam. Thanks to the correct production, the glass becomes transparent and radiant.

There should be no bubbles or unevenness in it. The slightest chips and cracks indicate mistakes made by the manufacturers. Therefore, it is worth carefully examining the bowl or glass to see any imperfections.

Glass products must create a ringing sound when touched. He speaks of the high quality of the products. If it is not there, then the person has a defective product.

How to choose

When buying expensive dishes, there is a risk of running into deception. To avoid it, you need to find out the subtleties and features of the selected product.

Signs revealing a fake:

  • blotches;
  • turbidity of glass;
  • bubbles;
  • cracks.

You can also check the authenticity of the dishes using wine. The drink is poured into a glass and the transparency is looked at. If the crystal glass almost completely merges with the wine, then this is the original.

The drawing on this product must be clear. If the font is blurry and has a different size, then it is fake.

Small tips for caring for bohemia glass

To make the dishes look attractive, you need to take care of them. Bohemia glass must be periodically wiped off dust, even when not in use.

Key recommendations:

  • when choosing a detergent, it is necessary to give preference to products without abrasive particles;
  • the dishes must be washed in warm water;
  • if a dishwasher is used, then its temperature should be low;
  • wipe the glass with a soft towel;
  • the dishes should be treated with care, there is a risk of damaging or breaking the glass.

It is worth remembering that Czech glass does not tolerate temperature extremes. Cookware may crack if it comes into contact with hot or cold water. If bohemia glass is properly cared for, the shelf life will double.

It is important to remember that expensive dishes will always need to be used correctly. If you do not follow the recommendations, you can quickly destroy beautiful and expensive dishes.

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